Manners Minder Use During Rehabilitation

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The Manners Minder/Treat&Train has many useful applications. Canine rehab specialist, Sarah Johnson, of Fit Dogs, used the Manners Minder after her Border Collie had Triple Pelvic Osteotomy (TPO) surgery on his hip.

Jonesy’s Dog Agility Class Sept 11 2009

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It was 100• F here today but that didn’t stop us from going to our foundations agility class. Or as I call it “Jonesy time.” Here’s Jonesy on the teeter. Over two years ago when he was 10 months of age and had been living with me for several months, I took several private lessons from a really good trainer, Cathy Leggett. Then I decided, Jonesy had more pressing behavioral issues and stopped agility until recently. We’re taking a weekly class now even though Jonesy knows a lot of the exercises already.