Dr. Foote has stepped into Dr. Yin’s shoes and is now taking up where she left off, guiding the company, CattleDog Publishing that was Dr. Yin’s dream. Dr. Foote will be available for speaking engagements on a limited basis in 2017.

Email us here to enquire about a booking and watch here for updates on where Dr. Foote and other Low Stress Handling®speakers can be met and/or heard.

Come join Dr. Sally Foote at the Midwest Veterinary Conference (Feb. 23 – 24, 2017) and earn 6 hours of CE credit at the same time. She will be discussing the topics of: Behavior Cocktails; Job Stress: Bite/Near Bite Risks; and Low Stress Emergency/Urgent Care.

Also, come stop by the CattleDog Publishing booth on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to learn more about the Low Stress Handling® Certification program, and to pick up books and DVDs by Dr. Sophia Yin. Dr. Foote will also be demonstrating Low Stress Handling® techniques with guest Dr. Laura Catena.