Medicating a Grumpy Cat You Love, Part 2

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By Dr. Kris Chandroo You can read part 1 here. The 80% Rule: 80% of the success when giving a medication happens before it ever touches your cat. This means that there are specific techniques you must perform before you attempt to give medication or SQ fluids, that greatly increase the chance that your cat … Continued

Cat Behavior Issues

Quick Jump: Aggression Biting Fighting Cats General Training Health and Nutrition Indoor or Outdoor Inter-Cat Behavior Kitten Training Litter Box Problems Meowing Pooping Outside the Box Scratching Socialization Stalking Training Tricks Travel Urinating Outside the Box Urine Spraying Veterinary Care Aggression Back to Top Biting Cat Bites When Petted: When Purr Turns to Bite, Fangs … Continued

Fighting Cats Leave Family Frazzled

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Everyone’s stressed when cats are fighting. Learn how to keep a truce and actually train them to like each other.

Training Dog Tricks: Circus School for Dogs Recap

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I just finished teaching a two-day workshop at the Humane Animal Welfare Society (HAWS) of Wisconsin. It was 1.5 days of lecture on topics ranging from training animals across species, to the pitfalls of punishment, to the importance of body language and unconscious visual cues that affect a dog’s ability to learn the behaviors you want. This was followed by a 3 hour Circus School for Dogs.