Why should you as a Vet, Vet-Tech, Shelter worker or even a professional rescuer become Low Stress Handling™ certified?

Low Stress Handling™ covers every circumstance you need it to. Whether you want to know about walking techniques that work in stressful environments, multiple uses for towel wraps, or effective counterconditioning for medical procedures, you can find practical learning here. Low Stress Handling™ teaches you to understand not just the body language of fear in dogs & cats, it teaches you how to resolve the fears an animal has. You can see the problem and do something about it, allowing you to provide care without worry of harm to you or the animal. Everything you learn is applicable for dogs, cats, and beyond. For you as Veterinarian: a vet who knows how to handle their patients in a calm and gentle manner is a vet who will have a better day at work, who will have happier employees, and who will earn the goodwill and loyalty of their clientele. Low Stress Handling™ is a win for everyone!

More reasons to be come a Low Stress Handling™ certified Clinic, Hospital, Shelter or Rescue organization.

Reduce Costs
Improve Animal Handling Skills
Cultivate Relationships with Clients and Patients