Is Your Dog a Criminal or Alcoholic? Canine Rehabilitation vs Behavior Modification

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Behavior modification is used for changing the behavior of animals and people using the scientific principles that guide learning and behavior, while rehabilitation uses exercises, ultrasound, TENS and other non-invasive technologies to help animals recover from physical injuries or prevent or slow physical processes down. So how did these terms get mixed up and why is it inappropriate? Find out here!

Dog Training is a Technical Skill: Treat Delivery Speed

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Just like sports, dog training is a technical skill. How you communicate to the dog through your techniques make a huge difference in how fast he will learn. Here is one component of training: treat delivery.

Are Head Collars on Dogs Dangerous or Safe? It’s All About Technique!

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Head halters attached to leashes are tools designed to help you control your dog by guiding their head, just as halters and lead ropes are used to help control horses. But are they safe for dogs who are likely to run to the end of their leash? Dr. Yin explains the use of head halters and how to use them safely.