Compassionate Vet Care: Handling Pets in a Pet Friendly Manner

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Every day, pets are brought to our hospitals in this state of confusion and fear and we expect them to remain calm and cooperate for procedures. We poke them and prod them and carelessly flop them into various positions when they have no clue what we want. This type of treatment can make pet’s worse with each visit. In other words by treating pets in this manner we may be sending them home behaviorally worse or with a virtual behavioral “broken leg.” This article provides 6 tips that petcare professionals can implement immediately in order to improve our handling and treatment of pets and to create a pet-friendly atmosphere. By following these tips hospitals will become more efficient and have happier pets and satisfied clients.

Win a Free Nerdbook!

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Enter to win a free copy of “The Small Animal Veterinary Nerdbook”. Over 35,000 veterinarians and vet students own this handy veterinary reference book. They’ve used it to help them through classes, board exams, clinical rotations, and their first years in practice. Now YOU can win a FREE copy of your own.

Vegetarian Cat?

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Can you have a vegetarian cat? Several owners have said, “I’m a vegetarian and a cat lover. Are there any vegetarian diets that I can buy or make for my cat?”

What to Do When Your Cat Poops Outside the Box

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While most cats are fastidious about pooping and urinating in their litter box, it’s common for cats to poop outside the box some time during their life. Here are some tips for dealing with such stinky situations.

How to Safely Sleep With Your Pet

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Be safe when sleeping with your pet by keeping him parasite-free, clean, and healthy, so you can avoid zoonotic diseases that pass from your pet to you.

Fighting Cats Leave Family Frazzled

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Everyone’s stressed when cats are fighting. Learn how to keep a truce and actually train them to like each other.