Working Out with Your Dog: Quick Outdoor Warm-Up Exercises for You and Your Dog

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By Dr. Sophia Yin

It’s the second week of the New Year and you’re trying to keep up with your exercise routine. Normally, both the down-stay training for dogs and exercise for humans can be boring and tedious, but, by combining the two, we make it fun. The next blog, you'll see some indoor warm-up, balance, and stretching exercises that you can combine with your dog’s down-stay training.

In this segment, with the help of Igor Seriba, instructor at Hideshi’s FitnessGarage, we’ll start with an outdoor warm-up and dynamic stretch routine that will serve as a prelude to a high intensity cardio workout and more advanced training session with your dog.

While you’re doing these quick exercises, your dog will be working on a down-stay at increasing distance. That is, you have your dog lie down, then perform the exercises while moving away and then back towards your dog. Only go the distance you know your dog can tolerate and stay lying down. Reward him before he has a chance to get up. The better he gets, the longer you should go before rewarding him for remaining down.

What’s Next?

Now that you’re warmed up, try the calorie-burning, high intensity track-style cardio workout you can use while working on a down-stay, come when called, and fetch with your dog. Do these warm-ups plus the upcoming set of outdoor exercises 2-3 times a week and in just a couple of weeks, you’ll be in better shape and your dog will have a great at down-stay!

For higher intensity exercises, read A New Year, A New Way to Exercise with Your Dog!

Stay tuned for exercises you can do indoors!

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  1. Many studies have shown that dog owners are more likely to exercise and live a healthier exercise. So while you may not like the 11:00 pm potty call, it forces you to get up off the couch to go outside instead of cooking a frozen pizza.

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