Win a Free MannersMinder (A.K.A. Treat & Train®)

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For those of you who came oh-so-close to winning in our last contest, here's another contest with what we think are higher odds! You can win a free MannersMinder (A.K.A Treat & Train) or  a Low Stress Handling, Restraint and Behavior Modification of Dogs & Cats Book and DVD (Your choice).  


We're revamping our MannersMinder/Treat&Train overview video and are looking for video testimonials to include.

Send a video clip to us by Saturday April 30th at 5 PM PST and we'll select one of you as a winner of a MannersMinder/Treat&Train (or Low Stress Handling Book and DVD), which you can use for yourself, lend to friends and clients, or however you want!  Plus, 3 runners-up will be chosen to win a copy of the new ebook, “Perfect Puppy in 7 Days”.


  1. Take a shot focused mostly on you. Your dog can be in the background getting food from the MannersMinder if you want. (Feel free to also include video of your dog performing).
  2. In the video, make a statement of who you are: e.g., my name is xxxx xxxx, I am a top level agility competitor (or a dog trainer, or a dog owner—and perhaps describe your dog’s issues).  The video can be as short as 20-30 seconds.
  3. Include a sound bite about:
  • How the MannersMinder/Treat&Train has helped you
  • Or why you find it useful
  • Or how you use it

4.  Make sure to record 3 versions of the testimonial statement(s).

  • Once referring to the product as the MannersMinder
  • Once referring to the product as the Treat and Train
  • Once referring to the product as “this Product”

5.  Where to post:

Upload at least one version of the testimonial to YouTube and post a link to your video on my Facebook page.  The winner and runners-up will be required to upload all 3 (highest resolution) versions of their videos to an FTP site prior to receiving their prize.


Good luck! I’m guessing the odds of winning here are pretty good!

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2 responses to “Win a Free MannersMinder (A.K.A. Treat & Train®)

  1. Love the treat and Train and have used it since its inception.. Mostly allowing my clients to use the two I have.
    For Mat training when folks come to the door nothing beats it and the dogs love it
    I ahve a picture of Abby a mini poodle who I had first shown and let her eat out of it.. several hours later she was still lieing next too it waiting .. I ahd forgotten to pick up.. Just too cute..

    Wish they were less expensive so more clients would buy them for them selves.


  2. I guess you already have to own a mannersminder then to enter this competition? I clicker train my cats and would love to train them using a mannersminder to help with staying off the worktops but I dont own one yet!

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