Separation Anxiety – Photo Contest Winners!

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Here are the two winners of the Separation Anxiety Photo Contest!!

This picture was sent in by Jack Russell Rescue:


What a Jack Russell Terrier named Joey did to a brand new
wire crate in an hour when his foster mum went shopping and left him all ALONE.

And the 2nd winning photo was sent in by Jennifer Burns:

My living room blinds were replaced 3 times until I finally
learned to keep them all the way open when I left the house.

Congratulations to you both!  Your Learn to Earn booklet will be in the mail shortly.


Here are some of the other great photos we received!


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3 responses to “Separation Anxiety – Photo Contest Winners!

  1. Never occured to me to send in the photos of the wrecked crates!! My mali destroyed the entire SIDE of a PetCargo (really thick plastic!) crate. Sigh.

  2. I do not have a separation anxiety picture I live the story every day with MY 6 yr old FS GSD. She was diagnosed at 4 months old. She had a fracture of her left rear femur when i got her i was her second home. She is my first dog and i quickly realized something was terribly wrong. She was soaking wet daily when i would get home she also would excessively vocalize and bark. She also had severe crate aversion that i did not realize until a year later. Anyway to make a long story short she is never left alone she goes to work with me. We have done desensitization departures with her in very controlled settings. It took us five years to work up to five hours once a week. What i found works best is trazedone given 5-10 minutes prior to departure which augments the fluoxetine and enriching her environment when we leave with food toys and never locking her in a crate when alone. Obviously she is under the care of a boarded behaviorist. She also has EPI so my food choices to use with her are limited. I have discovered that she loves yogurt. So i stuff her kongs with yogurt and her wet food. Also throwing a handful of dry food all over the floor is a fun game when we leave. Kong time (we have two) work ok but she is settled by the time they go off and they seem to re stimulate her. I also use a white noise machine when we leave. Feeding her all of her meals out of food toys helps as well. It took about a month to get her used to it but she did. I feel like the treatment for separation anxiety is very dependent on the dog. The more opportunity the dog has to practice being alone with positive outcomes the better. Just thought i would share. For those of you that have a dog with this issue i completely empathize and understand. Summers are never fun as she cannot stay in the car when we go somewhere so my husband or I are always with her.

  3. I cant believe that cage is eaten up like that!. Especially from a Jack Russel. Poor guys teeth must hurt.

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