Neutered Male Dogs Can Still Have Sex

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By Dr Sophia Yin, DVM

The Bali street dogs are a good example of why neutering of dogs is important. Without birth control dogs breed promiscuously leading to overpopulation, poor health, and disease. The two on the right have just copulated and are now in what's called a tie.


As a veterinarian, I regularly recommend that intact dogs be neutered, for one, as a means of population control. It’s a standard recommendation in the U.S. Interestingly, most clients have no qualms about fixing their female dog; however, for some men, the mention of surgery for their male dog puts them on the defensive.

Suddenly, they become more empathetic than they’ve ever been with their wife or girlfriend.

“No way. It’s too painful,” they’ll say, or “He’ll be so sad that’s he’s lost his manhood. Can we at least get testicular implants?” (By the way, yes, they can get testicular implants, they’re called “Neuticals®.” Look them up if you think your dog needs them).

Those are the standard complaints, but the funniest complaint I’ve heard came when I was working out in a boxing gym. One of the regulars had a pit bull and when I suggested neutering his eyes got wide as if I’d suggested that I wanted to neuter him.

Then he explained why he was so concerned. “But if he’s neutered, he won’t get to have sex!”

Not that his dog was having sex. The owner knew well enough to avoid letting him mate. But the idea that the dog could never have sex ever again… well, that just made him sad.

At the time I wasn’t ready with a really good answer, but an incident with my little Jack Russell Terrier two weeks ago reminded me of great one.  It reminded me that neutered dogs can indeed have sex. They just can’t make babies!



Here’s how the memory-jogging event came about.

Innocent Jonesy was checking out a little black and tan Miniature Pinscher mix that my friend, Melissa, was fostering. The previous owner had stated that the dog had been in heat several weeks ago but was out of it now. Well, according to Jonesy, she was still ripe and ready for picking.

Now, Jonesy wants to hump every visiting female and some neutered male dogs who smell pretty. And he’s knows this X-rated behavior is not allowed—at least not in my house. So sometimes he’s covert about it. If he looks interested I’ll call him over and have him lie down which he’ll do willingly, but when he thinks I’m not looking, he gives them amorous looks, sidles up next to them and thinks about helping himself. Then I have to remind him that I’m watching him like a hawk., and yes, I CAN see what he’s up to.

Now for those who quickly jump to the conclusion that his behavior must be “dominance,” let me clarify.  Jonesy always backs away when these dogs snap at him rather than attacking them like he would if his mounting was a sign that he was trying to establish higher rank. And he does exhibit this frat-boy behavior even when the female is definitely higher ranked and he knows she can kick his butt.  So this behavior is driven by his libido not a drive for high rank. In some dogs this mounting behavior can also be a displacement behavior, like a person’s nail chewing or hair twirling, performed when they are anxious in social situations or even socially inept.

Anyway, in this particular situation my friend and I weren’t paying close attention to Jonesy because we were focused on work and because even when he does try, after a couple of attempts Jonesy usually stops. But just several minutes into the visit we suddenly heard a piercing, Yelp!  Like something really bad had just happened. And it had.

Jonesy and the visitor had mated and were tied. The yelp had come from Jonesy.


Here’s what happened.

Jonesy thought he had struck gold, when for once, a female had stood still for him—because she WAS in estrus. But then, as Jonesy found out, the part after that was far from fun. In fact, for Jonesy it was scary. After the male inserts his male parts into the female, a gland in his penis gets large (the bulbourethral gland). As a result males cannot remove their penis immediately. So they step over the female with their hind leg so that they are butt to butt and still connected by their reproductive apparatus. The purpose is to help the males sperm stay in the female’s reproductive tract so that they can get a fighting chance to swim and meet her eggs. Ties can last 30 minutes.

Luckily for Jonesy, it only lasted 5-10 minutes for them. And when they were done, he checked himself to make sure his equipment was still there. It was. So in the future, if he wants he’ll be able to try again. But I'll be keeping my eyes on him at all times if whenever there are intact female visitors.



Although Jonesy has been neutered, that didn’t stop him from mating with this Miniature Pinscher mix who was in heat. They are shown here in a post-coital tie.


Your neutered dog can still have sex. The take home message here is that if you neuter your dog, don’t worry, he can still have sex – if he wants. Most likely he won’t want to. With the lower testosterone levels he won’t have a red hot libido.

But neutering doesn’t remove all sexual behaviors. That’s because the circulating testosterone in young male puppies causes brain changes that masculinize them. These changes lead to increased urination on vertical surfaces, increased exploring of the environment, and clearly in some cases, increased mounting and even mating of dogs who are in heat.

Because Jonesy has been been neutered for almost 5 years, he’s in the clear in terms of having babies. So it’s basically safe sex in that sense—although he’d need a condom to prevent transmission of infectious diseases.  For dogs who have recently been neutered it can be a different story. Sperm are created and stored in the testicles but they can live for some time in the plumbing that leads to the outside. As a result, the general rule for neutered males is to keep them away from females in heat for 30 days.

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62 responses to “Neutered Male Dogs Can Still Have Sex

  1. Dear Doctor Yin,
    I am very fond of dogs and have been all my life. When I deal with my own, the neighbors or strange dogs that I encounter, I have always taken a calm ascertive approach, knowing intently what I wanted from the meeting. I assume this way of thinking was gained from my grandmother when I was a child as she kept a large collection of animals from dogs to horses, reptiles, rabbits, goats and more. My mother recalls over 15 dogs of multiple breeds, including 2 breeding pairs of german sheppards.
    This last decade has seen a number of “dog experts” appear on tv, the worst in my opinion being the show on uk tv called “dog borstal”. It reminds me of the appauling old woman Barbera Woodhouse, with her ridiculous methods and dangerous practices.
    To date, the best I have seen and experinced is without doubt The Dog Whisperer. I say this as the show illustrates what I was taught as a child and has always yielded amazing results.
    Lately, I have been doing deeper research into the aspects of canine control with the intention of working with animals full time.
    I enjoyed watching the short films of you working with the dogs and getting what appears to be the desired results in minutes, albeit with a different approach.
    I cant help the feeling, but my experience is screaming to me that you were missing a very primal interaction with the dogs. I can get dogs to relax and do what I want very quickly without the use of so many treats etc.
    That said, I also cannot deny your results and success that you have with the animals and in the interest of the scientific method, I am very curious to learn more about you. My experiences with dogs are always silent, purely body language as I was taught yeas ago, except of course in times of play and affection when the noise can escalate. This was mirrored in the methods of Ceaser Millan years later to my suprise, with the addition of things I had never seen or thought about, but still very primal.
    I was a little shocked that the primal instinct to obey is being pushed aside by a form of bribery with the treats, and yet I see it appearing to function in very little time. My concern is such, providing one can keep up a healthy balanced life and is prepared to put the real work into the primal nature and needs of dogs, problems are avoided. With the treats/bribe method, I cant stop wondering if it is so long lasting without addressing the primal need of the animal.
    I would love to read your response. I dont possess all the answers and would appriciate your acumen in this regard.

    Yours faithfully

    Peter Mitchell.

    1. hi. I have two golden retrievers. a mother and son. mother was spayed one year after her delivery as she had developed some uterine infection. but even after that she kept attracting the male and males outside also. now her son is 2.5 years old and he’s gone crazy. just can’t control his libido and have been crying and cajoling the female for the past 3-4 days uncontrollably. we have to keep them separate. but the male is beyond control and is literally shivering and trying for his release. mother is just not interested and is getting aggressive whenever an attempt is made by the male to mount. should we make them try by leaving them alone for a night.

    2. I think if you stop looking at positive reinforcement or treats as bribes and more along the lines of scientific evidence way back to BF SKINNER and the many replicating studies since in a multitude of different mammals, you will understand that shaping of behavior takes place. DR Sophia Yin really brought to light the “changing of underlying mental state.” Which also builds trust rather than fear. Our dogs have deep bonds with us and it has long been established that love kind trusting relationships will have a long lasting effect. Dogs know we aren’t dogs. Caesar Milan has done much to hurt the information that the public should have on training dogs. Dog are smart so they do know who they have to listen to such as a confident agile guy like Caesar. Unfortunately, many who have issues with their dog need solid scientific information to shape their dog’s behavior rather than the way he does. Keep reading Dr Sophia Yin’s information. Also if you haven’t seen watch her video Tough Love it’s was excellent.

  2. Hi Peter, I understand you are in the process of researching “canine control” as you call it, and you need to continue your research; unfortunately I do not have the references at hand right now, but there are 2 important things I’d like to quickly point out, due to missunderstanding.

    1- Treats are NOT used as bribes – treats are used for positive association with things the dog dislikes or fears. This method is NOT luring or bribing, it is modification of the dog’s emotion in the face of what scares or bothers it.

    2- There is no such thing as “primal instinct to obey”. Obedience is not an instinct. Prey drive for example is instinctual, not obedience.

    Good luck in your further research,


  3. hope u will be fine and enjoying good health
    i want to confirm one thing with you only regarding Male Dogs sexual intercourse. have the male dogs had sexual feeling like human.
    do their body structre(penis and loin)match with human body.
    actually i am working on homosexuality in animals.
    thanks for your co operation

  4. Dr Yin – Thank you for the most sensible advice I have found on the web re this subject. My two Huskies mated this time last year resulting in some gorgeous pups. However, as I did not want this again he was castrated in March 2011. Today though I have found them tied twice so far and was worried due to the conflicting info on the web. Is there a chance she could be pregnant again or am I being silly about this?

  5. Yes I Have Two Dogs My Male Dog Cocoa.Was neutered over 5yrs ago,and now i have gotten a little female dog that was abandon and abused when i got her,well she came into heat and cocoa and her got stuck together a couple times in the last two days,I Know that cocoa Has been Fixed.But I was Very Worried When I seen Them Together,So I was really concerned about them having puppies,I Honestly LOve Dogs My Doggies Are All I have In My Life Right Now And 4 Of them Is enough which is why i was Asking about cocoa being fixed can he still make Babies?Thank You So Much For The Information

    1. Commented a second time: Never once in any male species has there been a case that there is still sperm being produced after neutering. Not dogs. Not humans. Not cats. Not zebras. Not horses. Not goats. NONE OF THEM.
      hope that helps

  6. Michael,
    I’m not sure when/if Dr. Yin will reply to you, but I just thought I’d let you know right away that a healthy 6 year old male dog can certainly have puppies. Male dogs, like male humans and most other mammal species, can theoretically reproduce until death, although the semen of a very old individual is not as viable as a younger individual. It is the female only which become completely infertile at an older age. 6 Years old is not that old, however. I think you may want to be prepared because puppies are a very likely possibilty in your near future!

    1. Reread post. The male dog is neutered. He can still have sex and if it has been 6 years since he was neutered, so thete would be no viable sperm to impregnate her.There is only a chance that a neutered male can impregnate a female only if he has just been neutered.He can no longer produce sperm but there may be some left in his plumbing..So keep a newly neutered male away from females that are in heat. Sperm can survive for at least 7 days. The rule is to keep a newly neutered male away from females in heat for 30 days. So no puppies. Didn’t you guys read the article?

      1. That sounded quite rude Deborah,Especially, that you obviously didn’t read Michael’s post correctly the 1st time, (yes,it was very noticeable even before you corrected yourself) and then berate others for not ‘reading the article’ properly or otherwise.
        I think you are quite learned about canine habits..which is great,but perhaps you need to realise,That even You make mistakes? and not be so harsh on humans that are just asking advice to ne sure. There is no negative connotations to this msg at all. I just wanted to let you know how your message came across.

    2. I have a 4 year old pit bull who has been neutered. My daughter want me to babysit her for awhile who hasn’t been neutered, will my pit try to have sex with her and if so will they get stuck. I’m worried because my pit has never been with another dog also, when she starts her period, what the heck do I do then. Please help, I want to help my daughter but I don’t want my pit to start acting crazy

  7. HI Dr Yin at what age does staffordshire bull terriers ( males ) stop having pups, my bitch got tied with one two weeks ago but he is 6 yrs old they tied twice in 2 days should i be getting ready for pups ? look forward to hearing from you THANKS.

  8. Hello Dr. Yin,

    Great article! I appreciate you sharing your experience and am happy to read that Jonesy got to have some fun! We have a 2 year old Yorkie-Poo named Kobe that has not been neutered. (I was against it. (I’m a guy.))

    Do you think that it would be a good idea to find a female dog for him to have sex with? Is he “backed up” from not having sex. We have never seen him masturbate or hump anything and I become very worried when I put myself in his position of not being able to “release.” I would be feeling anxiety, anger, sadness, depression, frustration, physical and psychological discomfort, and resentment. (toward us)

    Is that what he is feeling? If yes, what should we do? (except neutering) If not, why? And how do you know?

    He has become somewhat aggressive/anxious/even depressed over the last couple months. This could be attributed to several factors: we moved, took him to obedience classes, and became VERY strict with his growling and snapping. When he growls we say no and take away whatever he is protecting. When he snaps, I wrestle him down and show him that his biting is an ineffective means of reaching his goal.

    Thank you in advance,


    1. I know this message is from years ago but I find I can’t not respond.

      Keep in mind that dogs are NOT human and thus don’t have the same responses that people do. If he were experiencing the drive to have sex he would be humping things. If he is not doing so it is because he does not feel the need to do so. Male dogs don’t have the same reasons for having sex that humans do, for them it is driven by hormones and an instinct to procreate where as humans have evolved to a point where we have sex for fun and because it’s just enjoyable.

      I have a male dog who used to hump pillows constantly before he was neutered because he felt the instinctual drive to do so. He also used to be more aggressive, used to pee indoors on furniture to mark his territory and react agressivly towards other unfixed Male dogs. I got him fixed when he was about 10 months old and immediately after being fixed he stopped humping furniture, stopped peeing on things in doors, and stopped being so aggressive towards other Male dogs. He also chilled out a little and general and became better behaved.

      He is completely happy, and doesn’t at all act ‘resentful’ that he no longer had his balls, in fact I kind of find that ridiculous. He is calmer and less easily agitated because he doesn’t have all these competing instincts driving his behaviour anymore.

      As the article above says, having his balls removed doesn’t mean he can’t have sex, it means his drive to do so isn’t so overpowering. Being neutered basically allowed him to chill out a little.

      Now your dog isn’t exhibiting the need to jump furniture or peoples legs so I would presume the drive for him just isn’t as strong as it was in my dog when he was intact. Even people have different ‘needs’ if you will. Perhaps your dog just isn’t all that horny.

      Also, Male dogs often don’t feel the need to have sex unless around a female dog whom is in heat. And you can’t allow your dog to mate with a female dog whom is in heat unless you are prepared to deal with puppies. And unless you are a responsible breeder who knows what you are doing (which it sounds like you aren’t) you shouldn’t be breeding dogs anyway.

      Just let your dog be a dog and stop trying to assume you know how he feels based on how you would feel in that situation. You are not a dog. Your motivations are not his just as his are not yours. Applying human understandings of behaviour to dogs doesn’t work because they are a different species.

      1. That is what i was told and what i believed. Leading to the sad situation where my adoption male constantly humps my bitch in heat from the front and the back, causing so much stress, that i had to lock her in my bedroom and have decided that in this group is not his place. Although castrated about 6 months ago his libido at 2 years old is most likely as strong as a dog not neutered Before i had a male dog, which never showed specific interest in bitches in heat.

  9. Female 3 yrs & neutrred 1 yr ago. Male 3 yrs neutered a week ago. Both go after sex. Driving us crazy. We are older & retired. Cannot deal with it. Handicapped as well. Tried to do good deed. Also female cat neutered goes after female dog. Male dog & female cat had been together. Male dog tries to protect female dog & gets viciously scratched. What can we do to stop different behaviors without putting Mae dog & female cat in pound?

    1. We’re sorry you’re having this problem with your pets. We always recommend that animals with aggression issues be seen by a certified behaviorist.
      For cat-specific problems, we recommend you go to the IAABC to find a certified consultant.

  10. Im on this site because my little male cavapoo has just gotten tied with my toy poodle bitch ..I was pretty sure pups couldnt be on the cards,but I wanted to be sure..Thanks for reassuring me,I feel better now I know my little man can still have sex but will be watching him closely now. P.S hes been done she has,nt but will be getting fixed soon

    1. You might need to get a C Section as the poodle is so tiny and delicate and a big pup could get caught in the birth canal

  11. My friend is concerned that her neutered male might have bred her female that was recently in heat. The male was neutered in April and the female wet into heat in July. I assured her that it had been long enough that he should be sterile. But she said the female’s nipples have suddenly become more prominent. I’m no vet, so maybe I was wrong. Should my friend be worried? Her female has had no contact with other males except the recently neutered one.

    1. I’m no expert either but I do know that the female when in heat their nipples get bigger not because they’re pregnant.

  12. Hi, I had my male Yorkie neutered, but there is a female dog that keeps coming aroud my house and she is in heat. My dog goes on like he was never fixed, like he is in heat, whinning and cying to go outside to get with this female dog. Is this normal, that’s the whole reason I had him fixed, but it’s like a waist of money. Please help me!

  13. Christy, your neutered male still wants to have sex, he just CANNOT reproduce, just like human males that are sterilized.
    I never knew this either, until we moved into the country with our neighbor a 1/4 mile away being a breeder of labs. Lately, my 11 y/o LAME/ BLIND male neutered lab wandered over there and got stuck in a deep pile of leaves. When I found him, it took my husband and I to get him and we wondered what had driven him to wander over there. Sure ENUF, talking to our neighbor, one of his females was in heat, so they don’t ever lose the desire, it wanes with years tho I believe.

  14. Good reading. I have a question though if you can help me with. We have three male dogs all have been neutered for some time. The oldest dog, a plot hound mix which has been neutered the longest, more than five years keeps trying to mount my two boxers and his nails are ripping them up where he’s apparently trying to hold on to them. Their nails get trimmed at the groomers but his nails are like little bear claws. Why does he do this and what can I do to stop it before he causes serious damage to my other dogs?

  15. my 11 1/2 year old Mi-Ki neutered when a pup mounts m;y son’s 3 yr old female Pom mix who was spayed at a younger age. And they get tied!! WHAT is going on here?

  16. This sucks, my pug pup is in heat and I’m not supposed to have her neutered until the demodectic mange is gone but my 7 year old Sha pei mix has tried to mount her. He’s been staying away from her, which I thought was weird until he finally did this. At least he’s neutered and doesn’t seem to be able to reach her. After his show last night, I know to keep them separated for a while. Hopefully she’ll have her surgery soon, I’m definitely checking with the vet ASAP.

    1. Try Benadryl for the demodetic mange and try using neosporin(you can buy a soft cone so they can’t lick it off) I did that with my blue nose Pitt puppy when she was having skin issues as a puppy

      1. benadryl will only relieve the itching but wont kill the mites. Use oatmeal shampoo for dogs and leave on there for 10 minutes, my pup had it and she got better in about a month.

  17. I’m understanding that because your dog has been neutered for 5 years he has no sperm to make puppies.

    Recently my 2 year old female in heat was tagged by a neutered 2 year old male. It took quite some time before he would let her up and she cried badly. He also tangled their legs so we couldn’t do much. We did come across 1 idea for the male to release himself carefully. We put a shock collar on him and only used the beeping to get him off. NO SHOCKING

    Just wondering since he’s so young could he still have sperm in his testicle. (Did think testicle were removed when a dogs neutered)

    I’m very new to this and NO not trying to mate my female. My baby girl has 2 health problems and my vet has tried to ask other vets to use dissolved stitches on her but they won’t. My baby girl is disabled plus has trouble growing because of protein. When she was 6 months she had intestinal bleeding and almost died. I have a blk lab that only weighs 33lbs but loves to play and run. Due to her health we would never mate her.

    1. two things, no there is no left over sperm. It dies not long after production. 2) Never try to break up a “tie”. You can seriously hurt both animals. You do need to see about getting her spayed so as to avoid issues in the future.

      1. My 11 month puppy tie with my daughter in law puppy they were tie about 2 and 1/2 hours after my puppy pp would not go back in it was 1 day 1/2 it trine black took him the vet he has trued every thing to get swelling to go down to keep up in side of him nothing is working can you give me some ideas please

  18. I had no idea that male dogs could still have sex, until I saw my neighbour’s neutered Lab in a tie with my Border Collie. Since I don’t want puppies, and I am planning to spay her, I was initially horrified, because I wondered whether she could get pregnant. Thank you for your down to earth, common sense information. She is on day 18 of her cycle and I thought it was safe to let her interact with other dogs again. I am glad I found out that she’s still receptive to males. I will go back to leash only walks, I had just opted to let her walk off leash this morning (we live in a rural area and she’s used to running on the mountain trails without a leash).

  19. I have a 9yr old bitch who was sterilised some time ago, but she has started to try and use my arm as a mating act, why?

  20. But can a nutered dog at 5 months now 11, still humps his pillow, but he ejaculated for the first time. Is this something to worry about?

  21. I have a female Pug in heat that was mounted and tied by a boy Pug that was neutered 2weeks ago..odds of pregnancy?

  22. Hi there,

    I recently had my two baby boys neutered, they are Yorkers and both 1 year 10 months old. My Buddy is doing well, healing, not licking and generally doing well. My Johnny however seems to be struggling abit, his scrotum is dark blue/purple, and I’m starting to get concerned.

    They had their op on the 29 March 2017. I’ve taken pictures each day but still abit concerned. Is this normal?

  23. I have a 7 year old Minchie(miniature pincher/chihuahua mix), who has been neutered since he was 7 months old. He routinely has sex with my unspayed female Miniature Pinschers and ties with them. In fact, he has a quiet active sex life! In fact I bought him a sweater that says “player” on it. lol

  24. Can a neutered male dog still produce puppies? Unlike cloning where there is a genetically identical copy, can stem cells or other things be used to create a sperm effect to fertilize a female egg and make a puppy with only 50% DNA from the father dog after he has been neutered?

  25. My two and a half year old chihuaha was neutered about a year or so ago. Our female, whom he had had puppies with came in to heat about a week and a half ago. As the time of her estrus goes on, he is mounting her more and more. Over the past twelve hours I have caught them 53 times. Those are just the times I have CAUGHT them. Sometimes, when he is done, she tries to mount him!

    Can anyone tell me if they have ever encountered this obsessive, to say the least, behaviour in your neutered male?

    This is awkward when my 9 year old daughter or visiting friends or relatives are here. Scrappy will literally mount Boogie ANY WHERE!

  26. Thank you for clarifying this. I have a neutered male and couldn’t figure out why he was able to mate with my female dog(that I was tardy in getting to the vet before she went into heat!)
    I thought maybe he hadn’t been neutered properly because almost all articles say that a neutered male will not show interest in a female in heat! Thank you again!

  27. We have a 15 yr old Chihuahua/ minpin she’s about blind and deaf and slowing down some, but still hanging with us, we adopted a rescue a 7 yr old Chihuahua, so we don’t know history, vet saw he was fixed. 1st 2 weeks all was well, but now she’s in heat and he has lost his mind, he will not leave her be, he is panting, whining, crying to be with her, , he is sparing out when you touch his back , and attempted to jump our arms. Initially we though it would pass. She is also very interested in getting laid, sides up to him, putting her bottom in his face over and over, if he got on top of her she would yelp, if he penetrated…We are fearful he will hurt her as she’s older and frail, to old to be fixed herself… so now they live in separate rooms and cry all day. Hope when her heat ends life will go back to normal. I’ve ordered some pants for her and some chlorophyll tables for her to ingest, and stuff called lust buster that’s a topical…is there anything can give him to help him chill?

  28. Can you hurt a dog if you pull them apart. My husband pulled our male desexed dog off our little hitch who is just coming off season. He had not seen it before and I was not home. He pulled them apart because he thought they were stuck. I’m worried this could have hurt our little boy and his penis might be damaged.

  29. Dr. Yin I have a 2 yr old female chihuahua in heat and a neutered 1 yr old male Bassett that are trying to tie up. They are house dogs. How long do I have to keep worrying with them trying to tie up? I honestly do not want them having sex. It bothers me. In Feb I’m getting her fixed as well.

    1. I have a Bichon-Beagle male (22 lbs) neutered in 2015 and a two-year-old Chorkie in heat this week. My daughter who lives with us also has a Datsun that is in heat and the two of them have been playing around and humping each other but we weren’t worried about that but today my Bichon-Beagle male was trying to mount my tiny little Chorkie (8 lbs). This would not be good for my Chorkie.

  30. Im staying at a friends with 3 males all neutered. But my girl went into heat and 2 of them have mounted her, got stuck. One for a long time. And still they are after her and her them. Its a constant battle. But she swears they are fixed. I had changed my mind on breeding her but had not had funds to handle it yet. Is it 100% they cant get her pregnant. I now have her tied to me at all times.

  31. Just met an adorable 2 yr old poodle rescue. He was neutered a week ago.
    He humped everything in sight.
    We noticed that his erect penis is gigantic, appr 5 “. He’s only 12 lbs
    Would this have anything to do with it?

  32. Hi. Just wondering. The breeder registered and shows. Who I bought my very expensive Pomeranian from. But the one I picked. She wanted to breed. I agreed. As I grew up with a mom who used to do the same. So I know how to deal with emergency what to look for. During labouring process So the breeder and I signed an agreement. One litter from her. I thought to. I would love me some puppy breath. For a couple months. It was just for the enjoyment of it for my family. So she is now old enough and in heat. But she is 11 to 13 pounds. Which I guess the breeder new was going to happen. So a bigger female. The male she wants to use is 10 lbs. Is that to big for my little girl. Will that cause a C section. The breeder would pay. But I would rather not have her have major surgery. That’s crazy to me. I know too by the way. They are both big for Pomeranians. But she told me .She showed her smaller ones. She likes her ones that are a little bigger. For family’s with kids. She seems to be very responsible breeder. Don’t blame the kid thing either. They are way to tiny. To be around small children. My mom was the same. She would not sell her shitzu pups to family with small kids. PLEASE HELP

    1. You need to talk to a veterinarian that is familiar with breeding small dogs. As for selling to families with small children, it’s generally recommended that you not do that, especially with the “micro” breeds. It’s not uncommon for the dog to “fall through the cracks” in a family with very young or even new children, especially during the current situation. Look up how to be an “ethical” breeder and that will help you with some of those issues.

  33. I have fairly recently taken on my son’s Shih Tzu cross and due to continual humping had him neutered – he has stopped humping due to this. However, when taking him out for walks he continuously sniffs if I let him and mark territory. My problem is that I have my name down with a breeder for a female Berger De Picard sheep dog. My question is should I change the puppy gender to a male? I would be very grateful for any advice that you could give as I want to give both animals the best start in life and avoid future problems.
    Kind Regards

  34. I think our pomchi could be pregnant but our 6 year old terrior was nuetured at 1 is this possibe perhaps our pomchi is just gaining weight

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