Jonesy the Jack Russell Terrier Recaps His Awesome Christmas Movie Stunts

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By Jonesy Yin

Now that you’ve seen my Christmas special and are in complete awe, I’ll give you a little recap of my death-defying stunts. Then in the next 3 blogs I’ll actually show you step-by-step how I learned some of them.

First of all, remember how I was practicing my jumping skills? That’s because leaping was very important.

I had to leap on and off the bed.

Leap onto a cat tree (and then down in order to get off!)

And then leap onto and off of a present. Ok. Maybe it wasn’t THAT impressive in the video. They asked me to tone it down.

Sprinting and overall endurance was essential too. I had to race from room to room, and engage in carrot ripping drills. Phew. Eggplants are way easier prey.

Then I had to show my Chuck Norris karate skills. I give it a “10!”

Finesse and focus were also important. For instance, I had to delicately put tissue into a bag. Usually when I’m performing the clean-up game I just put toys in a box or papers in the garbage. Tissue paper requires special care and technique!

I'm sure you’re all dazzled by my death-defying stunts; however, even if you’re an action superstar, it’s important to have the actual acting skills too. For instance, it’s good to have a variety of facial expressions to draw your audience in. Here are some of my best “looks.”





Other types of facial expressions are important too.

Here’s my “I’m really interested in what you are saying” look.

Then there’s the:

“What? Me?”

And the:
“Aww. Someone ripped up your toys, Lucy? That makes me sad.”

Stay tuned for the next blogs where I show you how your humans can help you learn the tricks.

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2 responses to “Jonesy the Jack Russell Terrier Recaps His Awesome Christmas Movie Stunts

  1. Dear Jonesy,

    You certainly are a handsome and talented pup. It is so refreshing to see a young lad working so hard to succeed at something he loves. I am another variety of smart dog (a German Shepherd) who loves working with my people. My favorite part about Christmas is when my human mom tosses me a ball of wadded-up paper and lets me rip it into tiny little pieces and toss them all over the room(s). I don’t know how you resisting ripping up that tissue paper, but I guess that’s why you’re the big movie star and I’m just the proverbial girl next door.

    Merry Christmas and Well Done, Jonesy!

    Ms. Biscuit

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