Happy 2016 Everyone!

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It’s the start of a New Year and the start of some new changes here at CattleDog Publishing. We lost Dr. Yin in 2014 and a core group of her dedicated employees stayed on to manage the company. Our goal was to keep the company running after her death and ensure that projects she wanted to complete were done, as well as secure her irreplaceable legacy of Low Stress Handling™ training and her unique Learn to Earn™ program. Thanks to you and all of Dr. Yin’s supportive colleagues, we were successful in this venture. Now, it’s time for a new leader in our team.

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We’re very proud to announce that Dr. Sally Foote, DVM, CFBC-IAABC, has joined CattleDog Publishing as Interim Executive Director. Dr. Foote is a highly respected lecturer and her practice, Okaw Veterinary Clinic, was one of the first Low Stress Handling™ certified clinics in the country. She’s worked with Dr. Yin, taught with Dr. Yin and sat on multiple veterinary and behavior boards with Dr. Yin. We’re happy she’ll be bringing her positive, vital energy to CattleDog Publishing.

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With Dr. Foote at the helm, CattleDog Publishing will be returning to being at conferences. Starting with NAVC, Dr. Foote will be at our our table in the Boca room at the Caribe Royale on Saturday, January 16th 9 am to 5:30 pm. She will be demonstrating Low Stress Handling™ techniques and taking feedback from you on what you’d like to see from CattleDog Publishing. Stop by to see videos and learn more! Dr. Foote and CattleDog Publishing staff will also be attending WVC in March, where Dr. Foote will be attending.

Plans On The Horizon:

  • Low Stress Handling™ Bootcamp
  • Low Stress Handling for Cats video content
  • New blog content training
  • More video examples demonstrating how Low Stress Handling™ combines with medical procedures and different types of animals
  • Updates to our website
  • Our informational posters in new languages

In short, it’s going to be a bold new year for CattleDog Publishing as we build on the legacy of Dr. Sophia Yin’s work. We’re looking forward to meeting you at NAVC and WVC as well as continuing to be a trusted source for science-based behavior and training content. Sincerely, Dr. Sally Foote and CattleDog Publishing Staff

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4 responses to “Happy 2016 Everyone!

  1. A great beginning! I m glad I found this place, so shocked to know that Yin is gone! I learned a lot!

    All the best, Art

  2. I’m so thrilled to see Dr. Foote stepping in. I send clients, colleagues, friends and students to this site, and rec. Dr. Yin’s resources all the time. I still can’t believe she is gone. I was just about to include a link to your site in my blog, and thought I had better make sure it’s going to still exist! This just made my day. Best to all of you, and thank you for keeping her legacy, and such vital work, going strong.

    Danya Linehan

  3. Found Sophia yin’s you tube and written philosophy for a much needed 1 year old Aussie.
    Worked immediately,I had worked with positive reinforcement teaching with severely brain damaged children in an applied behavior modification program,have had several breeds and other aussies,however this dog is super smart,relays on lots of excersize and games that included the basics.
    I am lucky that he is very food driven, have adopted the learn to earn.But his strategies are growing faster than mine.Wish I could find a trainer that would observe when my technique falters,and or my expectations of now .4year old is less exciting for him,perhaps good.

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