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For those of you who are new to this website or who have not had a chance to examine it thoroughly yet, I want to direct you to the many free, professional-grade, downloadable resources. Feel free to share these resources and link to these pages, using the title of the pages as your linking text. I hope you find them useful for yourself, your staff, and your clients!

Body Language of Fear and Anxiety in Dogs (poster)

Every year over 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs. One of the most common causes of biting and aggression in dogs is fear. This color poster developed by Dr. Sophia Yin and illustrated by Lili Chin, shows the common as well as more subtle signs of fear and anxiety in dogs. Download the pdf version of the Body Language of Fear and Anxiety in Dogs. You are welcome to make copies to distribute for free.



How to Greet (and How Not to Greet) a Dog (poster)

This color poster, developed by Dr. Sophia Yin and illustrated by Lili Chin, shows appropriate ways to interact and greet a dog while also illustrating the types of interactions to avoid. The poster is also available for free as a pdf download, which you can print on your own to hand out for free. Download the pdf version of How to Greet a Dog poster.


Kids and Dogs

These two posters together show kids and parents the types of interactions they should AVOID with dogs as well as the types of play and interactions that are appropriate.

Learn to Earn Poster

This poster outlines Dr. Yin’s version of the Learn to Earn program, which is designed to develop leadership skills in humans and impulse control in dogs.

Operant Conditioning Poster

Operant Conditioning Categories It seems like almost everyone is familiar with some of the categories of operant conditioning; however, most people aren’t fluent enough to necessarily get the category correct.  This poster clearly lays out the steps to determining which category a technique falls under.

Dr Yin’s Top 10 Dog Training Tips

Have you ever gone to a dog training class or taken a private lesson and left with your head swimming?  With so much information, the main messages can sometimes get lost among the more intricate details.  Here is a downloadable handout with some take-home message that I use to guide my every-day interaction with my patients as well as my own pets.

Puppy Socialization check-list

It’s now common knowledge that puppies should be socialized, but sometimes it can be tricky remember what they should be socialized to. This socialization checklist breaks the process down into categories and allows owners to keep track, not only of the socialization opportunities but of the pet’s progress. For step-by-step instruction on how to perform the socialization, see Perfect Puppy in 7 Days.


Chapter 2:Dominance vs. Unruly Behavior from Low Stress Handling, Restraint and Behavior Modification of Dogs & Cats.

Decades ago, commonly-held beliefs about dog behavior were influenced by ideas about wolves. Many of these beliefs were mistakenly based on the behavior of captive wolves, which are poor models for the behavior exhibited by wolves living in their natural habitats. Since then, scientists have updated their knowledge of wolf social systems and of dog social behavior. Download this chapter to get the most current views on dominance and what it is.


Bite Levels in Dogs

One way to find out how serious a bite may be is to acknowledge that different levels of bites exist. Bite levels range from minor to so severe they lead to death. Dr. Ian Dunbar first developed this bite levels system. I’m providing my modified description of these levels on the Canine Bite Levels poster.

Dog Park Etiquette

Proper dog park etiquette is important if you want your dog to stay out of fights when playing. Anyone who frequents the dog park and knows about dog behavior probably has a few horror stories to share. Here are some basic rules to keep your dog out of trouble on the Dog Park Etiquette poster.

7 Things All Dogs Need

You’re getting a dog and it’s time to go shopping, but what to get? How many toys, which leashes are right? Does he need a harness, a collar or a bed? You can spend hundreds of dollars on supplies, but will you get the ones you really need? Here’s my list of the 7 things all dogs need for a behaviorally healthy life.


BehaviorBytes Quarterly Newsletter

Download back-issues and sign-up to receive upcoming issuesVol. 1, the inaugural issue, focuses on a “One Person Cat-Handling Technique for Injections”, and discussed behavioral drug use for pets. The theme of Vol. 2 is behavior as a value-added service for veterinary hospitals. For many patients, simple procedures such as toenail trims, grooming, receiving pills or injections, are a dread. This issue shows how to train pets that these procedures are actually fun! The issue also discusses how to incorporate the service into technician behavioral sessions.

Behavior Modification Handouts from BehaviorBytes Newsletters: Each newsletter includes handouts for clients. The three available thusfar include:

  • Training Dogs to Love Wearing Muzzles.
  • Training Cats to Love their Carriers.
  • Check sheet for behavior chapters and videos clients can watch online

Consent Forms for Veterinary Hospitals from BehaviorBytes Newsletters: Each newsletter also includes forms that veterinarians can use within their hospital. The two available thusfar are:

  • Sample refusal of recommended behavioral treatment form
  • Extra-label consent form


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15 responses to “Free Downloads: Posters, Handouts, and More!

  1. Thanks so much for this great resource. I’m a big fan of your blog and appreciate the value you freely give out.

  2. As owner of cats and dogs, I really loved the information about them and I’ll try to put most of it into practice. I had cats for years and as everybody had their own name, I realized that after you repeat it to them enough times, they learn and even respond to their own name (I could do that without treats!). I was wondering if you could add posters about cats similar to the ones you published about dogs. Thank you so much.

  3. Thanks so much for the handouts. I look forward to using them.

    A couple of years ago, another veterinary behavorist mentioned your site and what a good resource you are. I have had several owners watch your videos to help them in working with their own pets. I also have had technicians watch the video about nail trims, and found that afterwords they are more patient with those pets who haven’t been good for nail trims and find the technicians then try to recondition the pet instead of just trying to restrain/force them to endure the nail trim.

    I recently changed jobs to have more time and look forward to using some of my education time to read and watch more of your materials. Really have enjoyed the videos on teaching a dog to go in the box and the chicken with the playing card.

  4. Thank you for sharing your feelings and thoughts — most people want to look the other way when it comes to mental health issues … you demonstrate in this article why they should be embraced.Have a great week!

  5. You are such a talented blogger and I like your writing about such kind of important issue. Really impressive. Thanks mate.

        1. Hi, Georgia is no longer with the company. Could you email RCarpadus@DrSophiaYincom with the link that is causing problems?

  6. The links to all the downloads seem to be broken is there anywhere else to find them? I have the book but would love to have printed copies

  7. I am trying to download the pdf for how to greet a dog and the link is broken. We need this resource for all the people who try to approach our dogs at adoption events. This is the best visual I have seen about meeting dogs. Is there a way to download it?

    1. Hi, very sorry for this. We moved the website over the weekend and still have a few hiccups. We should have it fixed soon

  8. Dr. Yin’s book How to Behave… Sara’s there’s a download on this page of how to teach your dog to accept his Gentle Leader head collar. I can’t find the link.

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