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For those of you who are new to this web site or who have not had a chance to examine it thoroughly yet, I want to direct you to the many free, professional-grade, downloadable resources. Feel free to share these resources and link to these pages, using the title of the pages as your linking text. I hope you find them useful for yourself, your staff, and your clients!

Body Language of Fear and Anxiety in Dogs (poster)

Every year over 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs. One of the most common causes of biting and aggression in dogs is fear. This color poster developed by Dr. Sophia Yin and illustrated by Lili Chin, shows the common as well as more subtle signs of fear and anxiety in dogs. Download the pdf version of the Body Language of Fear and Anxiety in Dogs. You are welcome to make copies to distribute for free.


How to Greet (and How Not to Greet) a Dog (poster)

This color poster, developed by Dr. Sophia Yin and illustrated by Lili Chin, shows appropriate ways to interact and greet a dog while also illustrating the types of interactions to avoid. The poster is also available for free as a pdf download, which you can print on your own to hand out for free. Download the pdf version of How to Greet a Dog poster.


Puppy Socialization check-list

It’s now common knowledge that puppies should be socialized, but sometimes it can be tricky remember what they should be socialized to. This socialization checklist breaks the process down into categories and allows owners to keep track, not only of the socialization opportunities but of the pet’s progress. For step-by-step instruction on how to perform the socialization, see Perfect Puppy in 7 Days.


Chapter 2:Dominance vs. Unruly Behavior from Low Stress Handling, Restraint and Behavior Modification of Dogs & Cats.

Decades ago, commonly-held beliefs about dog behavior were influenced by ideas about wolves. Many of these beliefs were mistakenly based on the behavior of captive wolves, which are poor models for the behavior exhibited by wolves living in their natural habitats. Since then, scientists have updated their knowledge of wolf social systems and of dog social behavior. Download this chapter to get the most current views on dominance and what it is.


BehaviorBytes Quarterly Newsletter

Download back-issues and sign-up to receive upcoming issues. Vol. 1, the inaugural issue, focuses on a “One Person Cat-Handling Technique for Injections”, and discussed behavioral drug use for pets. The theme of Vol. 2 is behavior as a value-added service for veterinary hospitals. For many patients, simple procedures such as toenail trims, grooming, receiving pills or injections, are a dread. This issue shows how to train pets that these procedures are actually fun! The issue also discusses how to incorporate the service into technician behavioral sessions.

Behavior Modification Handouts from BehaviorBytes Newsletters: Each newsletter includes handouts for clients. The three available thusfar include:

  • Training Dogs to Love Wearing Muzzles.
  • Training Cats to Love their Carriers.
  • Check sheet for behavior chapters and videos clients can watch online

Consent Forms for Veterinary Hospitals from BehaviorBytes Newsletters: Each newsletter also includes forms that veterinarians can use within their hospital. The two available thusfar are:

  • Sample refusal of recommended behavioral treatment form
  • Extra-label consent form

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  1. Downloaded Perfect Puppy to my computer, then bought a Samsung Galaxy Pad. The book transferred right into my Kindle app perfectly and in full color. I can also transfer it between the Kindle and Nook app and it works great both ways. The Samsung Galaxy pad is the same size as my Kindle so I now have the best of all worlds.

    This adaptability makes the book extremely easy to use anywhere, while being able to take notes and work electronically on the checklists that go with it. AWESOME tool. No more training guides getting blown away, watered or ruined by chewing.

    1. Good morning, the link has been fixed to lead to the correct checklist. Thank you. — CDP Staff

  2. Dr. Sophia, is there a limit to how many of the posters we can print for distribution in 8.5 x 11 once we download?

    We are launching a humane education program in St. Louis and love your material.

    1. Good afternoon. If you are from Purina, you should contact us regarding distribution, as opposed to using the download form. Please email the Marketing Manager at with details on your event, amount, use and anything relevant to your program. Thanks very much! — CDP Staff

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