Dog Bite Prevention Week: Poster on the Body Language of Fear and Aggression

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Download a free poster: Recognizing the body language of fear and anxiety in dogs.


This poster clearly illustrates both the overt and more subtle signs of fear and anxiety in dogs. Feel free to make copies for your clients, colleagues, and friends.

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5 responses to “Dog Bite Prevention Week: Poster on the Body Language of Fear and Aggression

  1. Hi Dr Yin, Love your blogs btw. Can this poster be used in a commercial setting. I am developing a kids and dogs seminar to present in pre-schools and to pet oweners with young kids.

    Louise Kerr – The Pet Care Magician
    Elite Pet Care & Education.

  2. I’m confused. I wanted to download the poster that was on the website with the pics of people greeting dogs but can’t find that particular poster. The only one I can find is reading body language. Is the other one available? Just got a copy of your book!

  3. Only one comment. If your dog is truly a fear biter, put her down before the problem escalates any further. The dog can never be trusted around anyone because you will never know what will set her off.

  4. Hi dr Yin!I know that what I’m asking you has nothing to do with the downloading of the poster ,but could it be possible to have your website translated in optional different languages that you can choose before entering the home page like italian, french or spanish?because I think that for someone who doesn’t know english very well it’s really hard to understand the excellent information that you share with people here!I know I’m asking a lot ,but where I live (Italy)almost anyone takes understanding dog behaviour seriously,and the people who do try to understand them end up with the old fashioned way of training and the misunderstanding of dominance, positive reinforcement is looked up sometimes even with disgust and a lot of people think that people who train like that know very little info about dog behaviour (they are obviously wrong) and think that it’s only about stuffing the pet’s face with treats(I repeat,they are obviously wrong).So,I don’t know if it’s possible ,but I’m asking you anyways.Congrats for having one of the most helpful pet websites!!!(in my opinion ,obviously)
    Don’t stop with this wonderful job you have,and happy new year!

  5. I have a 3 yr old Havapoo. The last 3 months we have been having a problem with him when people walk away or start to leave. He will start barking and going after them and has even bit pants legs before.
    In the mornings when my husband comes out of the bathroom from getting ready for work our dog stands at the end of the bed barking and this morning he actually jumped out the bed and bit his ankle. Husband said this is the last time, I’m not putting up with this.
    I have had him since he was 7 weeks old and nobody has ever been mean to him so can you tell me what’s going on? He has never done this to me and it has been going on now about 3 months. He let’s you love on him but then turns on you when you walk away and everyone rubs him and says bye so I’m confused.
    I need help on this cause I don’t want to give him up.

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