CattleDog Publishing Quarterly (magazine) – August 2018

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And Just Like That, Our Newsletter Has Become A Magazine!!!

We are very excited to present to you the first issue of our brand new digital magazine.We have a lot of wonderful things planned for the CattleDog Publishing Quarterly magazine, not the least of which is all of the wonderful information and resources that are contained in every issue. Starting with our November 2018 issue, we are also hoping to include articles written by guest writers and other industry leaders just like you. In time, we are also considering the possibility of creating a “print” version of the publication to go along with our online version.

Please forward all article submissions, advertising requests, and questions to Sarah Flowers, Senior Editor, at

Instructions for using the online version of the CattleDog Publishing Quarterly magazing:

  • To see a larger version of the magazine, click the icon just below the magazine with 4 arrows pointing outward to see a full screen version of the magazine.
    • Press “Esc” on your keyboard to return to the normal view.
  • To turn a page, click the far left or right edge of the magazine (you should see the bottom corner of that page curl up) to forward or backward one page or click the “>” or “<” icons.
  • To return to the first page, click the “|<” icon in the bottom left of the document. To go the the last page, click the “>|” icon in the bottom right of the document.
  • To view the Table of Contents, click the icon with 3 dots & 3 lines.
  • To print the magazine, click on the printer icon.
  • To download a PDF copy of the magazine to your computer or device, click the icon with a downward point arrow.
  • To search the document, click the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner.

CDP Quarterly – August 2018

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