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Nearly eighty years ago (1939) movie-going audiences received their first look at what would eventually become an every day phenomenon. Movies in color. The film, The Wizard of Oz, wowed viewers with a mix of singing, dancing, and beautiful technicolor. In the story a young Dorothy Gail, portrayed by Judy Garland, must go on a dangerous quest to get the magic wand of the Wicked Witch of the West so that the Wizard of Oz can send her back home to Kansas. After completing her task she returns to the Wizard to receive her trip home, but he tells her that he cannot send her home. Moments later her dog, Toto, pulls back a curtain to reveal the person who was the voice behind the Wizard’s terrifyingly giant green floating head. At the end of the story, the Wizard suggests he and Dorothy can leave Oz and return to Kansas in a hot air balloon (how he originally got to Oz). But through chance or destiny, the balloon and the Wizard fly away without Dorothy, leaving her there to find her own way home.

Here in the real world (vs. in Oz) we had our own Wizard as well, albeit not terrifying. In the mid-2000s, Dr. Sophia Yin gave birth to the company which we have lovingly come to know as CattleDog Publishing. Originally designed as a single author self-publishing company, CattleDog Publishing is responsible for the continued publication and sales of products like The Small Animal Veterinary Nerdbook (the book that started it all), Perfect Puppy in 7 Days, and Low Stress Handling, Restraint and Behavior Modification of Dogs & Cats. In addition to these and other books and DVDs, Dr. Yin also developed the Low Stress Handling™ Certification program which has been taken by thousands of Veterinarians, Vet Tech, Veterinary clinic staff, animal rescue workers, shelter staff, groomers, and pet owners around the world. Dr. Yin was our “Wizard of Oz,” and like the Wizard in the story, she left us too soon (September 28, 2014), and now we must find our way on our own.

For the last two years CattleDog Publishing has operated without our Wizard, but at the beginning of 2016 we found our Scarecrow who would continue leading CattleDog Publishing into the future after the loss of Dr. Sophia Yin.

Many have asked about what the future holds for the Low Stress Handling™ Certification program and the rest of the legacy of Dr. Sophia Yin. We here at CattleDog Publishing would like to introduce our staff and show you the wonderful individuals who will be carrying Dr. Yin’s legacy into the future. We may not still be here in 1,000 years, but for the foreseeable future, CattleDog Publishing will continue building and expanding upon the legacy that was Dr. Sophia Yin’s pride and joy:

The Low Stress Handling™ and Training of ALL Animals.

Say Hello to our Scarecrow, Tin Woman, Lion, Toto, and Glinda:

Dr. Sally J. Foote and BellaDr. Sally J. Foote, DVM

Executive Director (The Scarecrow)

Since she was 12 years old there has only been one career path for Dr. Foote: Veterinarian. Although she never seriously considered any other career paths, she did look into other medical science fields as a backup plan in case she didn’t pass the rigorous admissions tests, applications, and interviews for veterinary school admission. Her heart and soul have always been dedicated to being a veterinarian.

The decision to become a Veterinarian was the culmination of a couple of factors: she really liked science and has a particular interest in biology; she liked being around people and truly enjoyed helping them to solve problems; and she also felt that animals had a special way of communicating with humans and she wanted to learn to understand that communication style. Even though she didn’t have a lot of animals around the house while she was growing up, it was her pet dog, Sean, who showed her the importance of having a companion animal.

She diligently worked hard at her studies and sought out every opportunity she could find to help her advance through her studies at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. After 2 years of study at Purdue University, Dr. Foote transferred to the University of Illinois’ College of Veterinary Medicine where she graduated as part of the Class of 1984.

Over the course of a few years of practicing veterinary medicine, Dr. Foote discovered a passion for understanding pet behavior and how that affects the pets bond with its owner. After taking additional courses and training programs, such as those found at Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine, she became a Certified Animal Behavior Consultant and is now able to offer more behavioral medicine and therapy services in her veterinary practice. She has even earned the title Certified Feline Behavior Consultant by the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.

“Adding behavior services to our practice has enriched my career and helped many families and pets enjoy a healthier life together.”

Through the utilization of low stress / pet friendly handling procedures in her veterinary clinic she has witnessed a major difference in being able to help clients improve their pet’s behavior.

“I have always looked at a pet’s health as a holistic way for considering both the physical and behavioral health. When I see clients understand the importance of nutrition, preventative care, and good behavior for their pets, I feel we have done our job.”

As she continued her daily passion of attending to animals at the Okaw Veterinary Clinic in Tuscola, IL, she became aware of veterinarian, animal behaviorist, and author, Dr. Sophia Yin, DVM, MS, and her company CattleDog Publishing. Beginning a lifelong friendship with Dr. Yin, Dr. Foote learned about her training seminars, books, DVDs, and certification course which revolved around the topic of Low Stress Handling™, Restraint, and Behavior Modification of Dogs & Cats.

After completing the certification course and becoming Low Stress Handling™ Silver Certified, she then had the rest of her clinic staff also become certified, thus allowing the Okaw Veterinary Clinic (as a practice) to be fully certified as well. Since then she has seen firsthand how once aggressive and difficult to examine dogs and cats now pull their owners through the door because they want to come see the veterinary staff at Okaw Veterinary Clinic. It is seeing changes like this which keeps her invigorated to continue each and every day, even after the most difficult cases.

After Dr. Sophia Yin (founder of CattleDog Publishing) passed away on September 28, 2014, Dr. Foote was brought on as Executive Director of the company and was charged with leading it into the future. Even though there were many hardships, initially, with leading the company, she and the staff of CattleDog Publishing have discovered a renewed dedication to continuing “The Legacy of Dr. Sophia Yin.”


Sarah Flowers

Marketing Coordinator / Certification Administrator (The Tin Woman)

A recent graduate of the University of California at Davis, Sarah earned her BA in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing, in addition to her Associate degree in History. She has 23 years of experience in website design, graphic design, document layout and editing, social media management, and marketing. She is a novelist and published poet and has a passion for creativity and a drive for attention to detail. She is also the founder and operator of the Transgender Visibility & Education Network on Facebook and the Web.

For CattleDog Publishing, Sarah is responsible for maintaining the company advertising and marketing presence both online and in print. She is responsible for designing graphics and documents which further the marketing goals of the company. She is also tasked with managing the blogs (both guest and company written), webpage text, and print documents. In addition to this, she is also responsible for the administration and coordination of the Low Stress Handling™ Certification course offered by CattleDog Publishing (written and designed by Dr. Sophia Yin).

Since she was a child, Sarah has always had at least one furry family member. Starting with a hamster, she then progressed up to an Australian Shepherd, and eventually a Shar Pei (grand-daughter of the Shar Pei that was on the TV show Hill Street Blues). For the last nearly 2 decades she has been a mother and foster mother to numerous cats and kittens. “My two current cats … Chewbacca (11 y.o.) and Hunter (9 y.o.) … are a handful at times because they seem to never get enough love and attention, but they certainly are great to come home to after a long day away from home.” Eventually, Sarah and her wife Amy are planning on adopting even more cats as well as the possibility of a Siberian Husky (Sarah’s favorite).

randy-carpadusRandy Carpadus

Web & Brand Manager (The Lion…….definitely not cowardly)

Randy oversees our web properties and branding/brand development, and is heading up our pending website redesign among other projects. In addition to being a former co-owner of a successful small business web development company and having a background in the tech industry (and in the fire service), he grew up breeding, raising, and rescuing Great Pyrenees dogs. He is a past Chair of the former Great Pyrenees Rescue of Northern California (GPRNC) organization and is currently involved in rescuing rare Livestock Guardian Dog (LGD) breed dogs such as Caucasian and Central Asian Ovcharkas; he specializes in rehabilitating the “special cases.” As someone who has had to deal with the bad side of dog training (or lack there of), he is eager to see that the work of Dr. Yin continues and spreads.

Randy literally learned to walk hanging on to a great Pyrenees and in his lifetime has personally owned, co-owned, or lived with the owner of, over 50 LGD breed dogs of all ages and types, including (primarily) Great Pyrenees, Anatolians, Akbash, Ovcharkas and also LGD cross breeds, so he knows BIG dogs. He has also fostered well over 200 LGD breed dogs over the last 25 years and expects for that number to continue to grow. Cat people need not fear as he and his lady also have 3 house cats and 3 barn cats. They also have 7 goats (for fire protection and LGD testing/training) and a flock of Guinea fowl, so they are really into a house full of “critters”.

tracisennesaelTraci Sennesael

Bookkeeper (Glinda the Good Witch of the North)

Traci has been with CattleDog Publishing since June 2016. She is responsible for maintaining accurate financial records for the company. She is also tasked with making sure that not only CattleDog Publishing gets paid in a timely manner, but also that the company makes its payments on time. As time allows, she is also tasked with other special projects such as the Power of Friendship Dinner which is an annual event that brings together members of the veterinary community during the Clinical Animal Behavior Conference as a way to remember the incredible life and works of Dr. Sophia Yin. Prior to working for CattleDog Publishing, she worked as a house manager at a residential group home for adults with developmental disabilities. She is also a board member for Hands 4 Paws, a nonprofit organization to help animals in Douglas County, IL.

Traci lives in Tuscola, IL, with her husband and her three fur-kids. In her free time she studies Business at Parkland Community College and has taken up yoga and learning music theory (a first step at playing the cello). She would like to foster dogs and cats once her schedule allows.

Written by:

Sarah Flowers
Marketing & Online Certification Coordinator
CattleDog Publishing

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    1. Thank you Debbie for your continued support. Just as you look forward to learning more, we look forward to sharing more. Happy Holidays!

  1. Thank You to all of you for carrying on a legacy left by one of the very best – person, educator and animal advocate. We miss her every day but know that she is helping all of you continue on.
    Happy Holidays and a beautifiul New Year to all!

    1. Hi Cheryl,

      Carrying on Dr. Yin’s legacy is truly both a pleasure and an honor. Even though most of the current staff never had the blessing of getting to meet her in person, we do feel her presence watching over us and guiding us every single day.

      Happy Holidays!!

  2. I just saw dr. Sophia yin on animal planet, I saw her amazing skill and insight into animal behavior, so inspiring. Keep up the good work!

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