Remote Reward Dog Trainer

by Dr. Sophia Yin

Achieve precise treat timing
for fast, fun, and effective training

Whether you’re a pet owner or a pet professional, the Treat&Train® Remote Dog Trainer can dramatically increase the speed, precision, and effectiveness of your positive-reinforcement training. Veterinarian and animal behavior expert Dr. Sophia Yin invented the Treat&Train based on behavioral science and how animals really learn, and she developed and thoroughly tested it in lab and clinical trials. The result is a remote-controlled reward dispenser and training system that allow you to efficiently teach dogs at a distance (or nearby) to perform almost any behavior, from everyday skills (such as potty training) to specialized skills (such as those used in agility, obedience, service, and military work). When you use the Treat&Train, the signals you give your dog are precise and clear, and the training repetitions are rapid. That means your dog will understand very quickly what you want of her. With the Treat&Train remote control in your pocket, training becomes faster, easier, and fun!

About the Treat&Train

  • Invented by a veterinarian and animal behavior expert
  • Training system based on behavioral science and how animals really learn
  • Developed and tested in lab & clinical trials to teach calm behavior in high-distraction situations

5 simple games, included in the instruction booklet and DVD, are the building blocks for training almost any behavior.

Once your dog masters a skill, it’s easy to phase out the Treat&Train.

Timing is everything! Remote control allows for precise timing when rewarding good behavior.

Transform passive mealtimes into fun, interactive training sessions.

Remote-controlled food dispenser rewards the dog, even when he’s far away from you.

A complete training system

The instructional DVD & illustrated guide provide a step-by-step program, developed and tested by Dr. Yin, for training calm, focused behavior in distracting situations. The remote-controlled food dispenser emits a tone and rewards the dog, even when he’s far away from you (requires 4 D batteries, not included). The pocket-sized remote control allows for precise timing when rewarding good behavior. Two interchangeable food disks make it possible for you to use either large- or small-sized kibble or treats. A target stick with removable base is great for training tricks, obedience, and agility, and for playing games for exercise.

Use this flexible, tested, and effective training tool to teach calm behavior in distracting situations—visitors at the door, the family dinner table, outside, or left alone in a crate; teach dogs to focus on you with engaging, interactive games that provide exercise and mental stimulation; and teach dogs at a distance to perform almost any behavior.