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Does this happen to you?

08/20/14 - Comments: 0

Have you ever tried to lure a dog to sit? What about offering treats to get a gentle leader or a muzzle on a dog? Even when you have the right ideas, without correct techniques for giving directions, things won’t go as planned.

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Sedating the Killer Cat

08/14/14 - Comments: 0

A cat comes in to the hospital stressed to kill. What should you do? While cases like this are stressful for these fearful cats, they can cause just as much anxiety in experienced hospital staff as well as clients and other patients exposed to the sound of the loud struggles…

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Proper Walking Technique: Turn an anxious dog into a calm dog in just minutes

08/13/14 - Comments: 0

Every veterinary hospital has canine patients who are anxious away from their owners. Dogs who were seemingly happy when they arrived but as soon as they are separated from their pet parents, they pace and whine. And if left for the day, they bark incessantly in their kennels and can…

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