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Exotic Animal Handling: Rabbits

02/03/16 - Comments: 0

Exotic Animal Handling with Dr. Susan A. Brown: Rabbits Rabbits are very popular pets but despite being ubiquitous, they still have very specific handling needs. Dr. Yin introduces her colleague, noted exotic animal specialist Dr. Susan A. Brown. Dr. Brown conducts a nose to tail health inspection of Lena the…

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Welcome, Dr. Foote!

01/13/16 - Comments: 3

Happy 2016 Everyone! It’s the start of a New Year and the start of some changes here at CattleDog Publishing. We lost Dr. Yin in 2014 and a core group of her dedicated employees stayed on to manage the company. Our goal was to keep the company running after her…

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Sedation plus Treats for Counterconditioning

11/15/15 - Comments: 1

Many advantages and negligible risk to feeding treats in the veterinary clinic. Veterinarians and vet technicians are often impressed when they see the effects of successful counterconditioning on fearful animals: growling dogs stop snapping, and scared animals become more manageable. But as a consultant, the skeptical comment I keep hearing…

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A New Friend For Fido

09/27/15 - Comments: 8

by, Dr. Sally Foote, DVM, CFBC-IAABC At my veterinary practice, Okaw Veterinary Clinic Tuscola Il, I see both general care and behavior problems. Often I see the joy, frustrations, and enrichment a new dog can bring into the home of an established dog. Advice abounds through the internet, friends, family,…

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Why Australia

07/23/15 - Comments: 0

From San Francisco, CA to Bendigo, Vic Four months ago, I made the move from the United States to Australia to pursue a PhD at La Trobe University. Whenever I tell someone that I’ve come from California to do my PhD at La Trobe’s Bendigo campus, I often get this…

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Exotic Animal Handling: Chickens

07/15/15 - Comments: 0

Exotic Animal Handling with Dr. Susan A. Brown: Chickens The gallus gallus domesticus is the Latin name for an animal we all think we know well: the humble chicken. But even an animal humans have been raising and breeding for thousands of years can have some surprising health needs you…

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Catching Criminals Through a Scent Line-up: Methods Improved Through Positive–Based Training

06/24/15 - Comments: 0

By Sophia Yin, DVM, MS Edited by Lynna Feng & Jenna Hardy In spring of 2011, the headlines in western Finland blared; “Man bludgeoned with hammer by four thugs and left in the forest to die”. Against all odds the victim was found by a woodsman and miraculously made it…

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