Animal Training and Behavior Resources

Materials for Professionals

Order free postcards to give your clients which will help them find solutions to common behavior problems. Seminar speakers can order brochures and educational flyers.

Dog Behavior Issues

Need answers to your behavior questions fast? Find a multitude of articles and videos on various topics ranging from aggression and cognition to cold weather safety, and more.

Cat Behavior Issues

Find a multitude of articles and videos on various topics ranging from aggression and litter box issues to why cats are not vegetarians, and more.

Media Resources: Photos, Radio & TV Interviews and More

If you are writing about or featuring Dr. Yin or one of her products, articles, media appearances, seminars or lectures, feel free to download and use the photos here. Also, read about Dr. Yin in the news, hear interviews and see testimonials.

Getting Into Behavior

Interested in becoming an animal behavior professional or in learning more so that you can handle animals in the most efficient, least stressful way? Visit this page.

Find Behavior Consultants

Need one-on-one help from a behavior specialist? Click here to find veterinary behaviorists and certified applied animal behaviorists in your area.

Behavior & Training Links

Find behavior organizations, conferences, trainers, behavior consultants and other helpful behavior resources.

Behavior Book & Product Reviews

Do you wonder if the book or product you’re interested in is any good? Check out the product reviews on the Art & Science of Animal Behavior Blog.

Volunteer Opportunities

If you’re a UC Davis student and interested in volunteering with Dr. Yin, click here to find out more.