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Puppy Behavior: A Sensitive Period for Puppy Socialization

8 | Posted 7/14/14

How do we know when to start puppy socialization and whether it’s important? You’ve probably heard that puppies need to be socialized, but how do we know this and what do we know? Most of the ground breaking studies were done in the…

Animal Trainers and Behaviorists: Licensing and Certification

15 | Posted 7/11/14

“You should find a good trainer.” How many times have we heard this advice but don’t know exactly who to turn to? When one of my dogs began exhibiting aggressive behavior, many people told me that I should “find” a behaviorist,…

Why Pooches Eat Poop

8 | Posted 6/27/14

You love them, they love you. You're best friends…but…Why, oh, why do they eat poop?

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