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Sedation plus Treats for Counterconditioning

1 | Posted 11/15/15

Dr. Karolina Westlund undertook a study of the an issue many vets have questions on regarding counterconditioning at the veterinary office. Can you offer treats when you may be using sedation.

A Visit to the Medical Center for Birds

4 | Posted 11/1/15

Several years ago, Dr. Yin paid a visit to the Medical Center for Birds in Oakley, California to learn about bird handling. Using her notes and questions, we followed up with Dr. Brian Speer, the President & Director, on his approach to…

A New Friend For Fido

10 | Posted 9/27/15

A New Friend For Fido - Bringing an additional dog into your home, peacefully.

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Exotic Animal Handling: Chickens

Exotic Animal Handling with Dr. Susan A. Brown: Chickens The gallus gallus domesticus is the Latin name…

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