Animal Behavior Services

Dr. Yin giving a lecture.

Media Interviews

Dr. Yin has a passion for animals, science and education, and can make your story pop! With over 20 years of experience in behavior, plus experience as an award winning pet columnist, and author of multiple books and DVDs, Dr. Yin can share a unique perspective on animal behavior and express herself in a way that captures your audience. She’ll go beyond the obvious facts and give you intelligent answers and creative solutions.

Speaking Engagements

From labs to lectures to workshops to keynotes, Dr. Yin gets rave reviews. Described as "practical, enlightening, and informative," she makes the science of behavior and training easy and fun to understand. And she shows how to apply the science to modify behavior quickly across many species ranging from dogs and cats to horses, goats, and giraffes. Using videos, demonstrations, and real-life examples, Dr. Yin helps train veterinarians, hospital and kennel staff, dog trainers, zookeepers, and animal enthusiasts around the world.


Not only does she have a way with animals, Dr. Yin has a way with people, too. In private consultations in your own home or her office, Dr. Yin will patiently teach you the skills you need. You’ll learn why your pet behaves the way he does, how to read his body language so you can gauge his emotional state, and the quickest, most lasting methods for changing his behavior.

Group Classes

Want to get your puppy or kitten started off on the right foot? Got a dog that drags you on walks or rudely jumps on your friends? Ready to teach Fido or Fluffy new tricks? Look no further, because Dr. Yin is here to teach you what you need to know. In a group class format, you’ll learn how to get the results you want using a systematic, positive- reinforcement approach while simultaneously socializing your pet to other people and pets.